Android L design

I designed this personal wedding app to showcase the latest Android L pattern library. The app creates a personalized story driven by the intimacy of social media and user-driven content such as a running diary, messaging, and live event sharing. It also provides the convenience of planning by incorporating a wedding registry and pulling relevant content from external sites and articles.

Syncing between devices

This app creates serves as a companion to music players. Music discovery and suggestion moves seamlessly between devices, ensuring that learning never stops whether on the go or relaxing at home.

Virtual tour guide

I had a lot of fun designing this companion app that enhances the visitor experience at educational institutions such as museums or zoos. As a 'virtual tour guide' it ushers visitors on paths specific to shows and interests. For instance, if a visitor is interested in Giraffes, it leads them on a Giraffe tour path through the zoo. Using beacons, it tracks location points, triggering more detailed information along the way.

Shopping assistant

Gymboree provides outfit sets, making it easier and faster for parents to shop. However, what if they like everything but the socks? This companion app allows them to customize and pick which items are included in the set by breaking it down into individual items.


With a show as complex as Game of Thrones, its easy to forget details along the way. This app syncs with the show, showing viewers relevant information along the way such as detailed character profiles, places, and in the case of Game of Thrones, which Houses they belong to.


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