Nexus websites

I was the first designer hired on Google's in-house web development team. Before joining, all of Google's product pages were based on an outdated template created by engineers.


The first site I designed was the Nexus S website which broke away from established rules. At the time, Google was just starting to see the impact that visual design made in their products. The Nexus S website was one of the first examples of Google's foray into visual design.


Updating the visual design language focused on the Google's overall brand and on showing users what they could do on the site. Creating a unique site design within this ecosystem distinguished each product from each other and advanced the narrative.


Due to limited resources, I also shot and edited the product photography on the site.


I continued to design for subsequent releases, the last being the introduction the Nexus family of products including tablets and streaming media devices.

Google Play

I designed the marketing site introducing Google Play, Google's online marketplace for movies, music, apps, games, and books. This was a major initiative heralding the main entry point into what is now the majority of Google's products and services.


I worked closely with the product design team to incorporate the new visual language into the website. Interactive affordances were incorporated to give a fun personality to the brand. Logo-based triangles rotated independently upon mouse-overs, producing a shimmering effect that revealing each service.

Google Analytics redesign

I lead the long-overdue redesign of the Google Analytics site, showcasing the new tools and features available to subscribers including the new mobile app and premium services.


I worked on the brand-campaign which included interviewing small business owners who were successfully using Google's Analytics and Ad services.


In addition to designing the site, I shot all of the hero images used on the website.

Chromebox for Meetings

I designed the Chromebox for Meetings site which introduced Google Hangouts to the enterprise market through hardware and subscription-based support. I shot the products as well as the lifestyle image shown.


It was designed to live on, which meant pertaining to the established look and feel while keeping the content fresh.

Google Wallet

Another earlier site I worked on was the Google Wallet launch site. I designed multiple directions and worked with the Wallet marketing team to help establish overall product branding.

Team portfolio site

Website portfolio promoting our Web Studio team at Google to give clients and external vendors a better understanding or our experience and services we provided.


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