Facebook Blueprint

With more than 90 eLearning courses, Facebook Blueprint is a site that trains users on how to  use Facebook's product and ad services.


The original website was difficult to navigate through and relied on default templates from an external learning management development service company.


I worked on the redesign with the Blueprint team and external partners to to reflect the Facebook brand a provide a better UX experience.

Facebook Business redesign

The Business website hadn't been updated in over 4 years and needed a total redesign to not only reflect the growth in the number of products and services, but an updated brand strategy. One of the main challenges was that the content management system that was in place was restrictive in what could be done in terms of design. For example, it wasn't possible to center text over images or provide modern affordances such as parallax effects, embedded video or animations. Another issue was that the site wasn't mobile-friendly.


I worked closely with the engineering team at Facebook to update the CMS and provide visual design direction.


The end result was a more flexible, engaging, and informative user experience which worked across all platforms.

Facebook IQ redesign

Facebook IQ is where users go to find the latest trends in business marketing, through a large catalog of articles and case studies relevant to the industry as a whole.


I worked as an Art Director on the team, working with an agency and internal stakeholders to redesign the brand and user experience. This included the creation of a new visual design language that focused on consistency and most importantly mobile-responsiveness.


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