Adobe Creative Suite website

Between 2008 and 2010, I designed and helped launch websites for Creative Suites 4 and 5. the leading destinations on I worked with an amazing in-house team who, to this day, have impressed me with their talent and intellect.


Although its been awhile and a few CS's after, I've included it in my portfolio because it reminds me of how much of a global impact our small in-house team made those years.

3D modeling

My original design direction depended on having box shots that could be manipulated in a consistent manner between product pages. The best way to do this was by using 3D models. Since we didn't have a 3D modeler, I learned how to use Autodesk Maya (for CS4) and Cinema 4D (for CS5). It probably took me 50 times as long to get the renders done. It was all worth it for we ended up with a better design and I learned a valuable new skill.


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