Nexus websites

My first big project at Google was designing the Nexus S website. It was designed and developed with a small in-house team. It received media attention from tech blogs and Twitter which cited it as an example that Google was paying attention to design.


I continued to design for subsequent releases, the last introducing the Nexus family including tablets and media devices.


Google Play

I designed the marketing site that introduced Google Play, Google's online marketplace for movies, music, apps, games, and books.


The logo-based triangles rotated independently, producing a shimmering effect that revealed examples of what to expect from the service.

Google Analytics redesign

I lead the long-overdue redesign of the Google Analytics site, showcasing the new tools and features available to subscribers including the new mobile app and premium service.


I designed the Chromebox for Meetings site which introduced Google Hangouts to the enterprise market through hardware and subscription-based support. I shot the products as well as the lifestyle image shown.


It was designed to live on, which meant pertaining to the established look and feel while keeping the content fresh.

Google Wallet

Another earlier project I worked on was the first Google Wallet site. I designed multiple directions and worked with the Wallet marketing team to help establish overall product branding.

Team Portfolio Design Comp

Website portfolio promoting our Web Studio team at Google to give clients and external vendors a better understanding or our experience and services provided.